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Your Guide to Canadian

Export Financing


Successful Techniques for

Financing Your Exports

from Canada


Revised 2017 - 2018 Edition


By: Iain Williamson








This book has been completely revised and updated especially to take into account the cancellation or revisions to NAFTA. It reviews the outlook for exporting from Canada and some of the other factors that need to be taken into account including the price of oil; exchange rates and geopolitical factors.

It examines techniques that you can use to finance exports.

This guide reviews 322 government assistance programs, sub-programs and initiatives for exporting at both federal, provincial and territorial levels across Canada. It provides 614 addresses and websites to help you apply and obtain further information.

It has been completely revised and updated for 2017/2018 to reflect the many changes that have taken place since the last edition, written in 2016.

This guide also contains a chapter on sources of marketing and statistical information that will be useful to those who are already involved in exporting or are exploring the possibility of selling their goods or services outside of Canada.

This book is an excellent introduction to export financing for Canadians.


Author, Iain Williamson, is an entrepreneur, business consultant and seminar leader. His views have appeared in many newspaper articles. He has also been the guest speaker on a recent CBC Radio phone-in show on starting a business in a recession. In addition, he has appeared on television shows such as: CBC TV’s Venture; TVO’s MoneysWorth, and Canada Tonight of BCTV and CHCH Television.

Iain knows the practical side of the import/export business and writes from firsthand experience, which he shares with you. His book is essential reading for every entrepreneur and business owner who wants to export from Canada.

For fourteen years Iain has operated his own businesses in importing, high technology and manufacturing. He now operates Entrepreneurial Business Consultants of Canada and also owns a book publishing business which exports its titles to the United States and overseas. He holds degrees from Oxford University and from St. Andrew's, Scotland.



Your Guide to Canadian Export Financing: 2017-2018 Edition; by Iain Williamson; 254 pages; softcover; published in July 2017;  ISBN 978-1-55270-778-4;  ISSN 1191-047X; Canadian $69.95.  


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Chapter 1- Canadian Exports

Outlook for Canada's Economy

President Trump's NAFTA Flip Flops

Canada-US Trade Skirmishes Have Already Started

Talk of a US Border Tax

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

Robots: Could they Throw a Monkey Wrench in Job Creation?

Outsourcing: Could this Throw a Monkey Wrench in Job Creation in Canada?

The Value of the Canadian Dollar

The Role of the Bank of Canada

The Near Collapse of the World Economy

The Volker Rule

The Influence of the Price of Oil

Canadian Imports

U.S. Imports

Value of Canadian Exports According to Business Size

The Approach Taken in this Book


Chapter 2 Methods of Payment

Cash in Advance (CIA)

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Open Account


Chapter 3 Letters of Credit

How a Letter of Credit Works

Irrevocable Letter of Credit

Sight Draft

Term Draft

Confirmed Credits

Revocable Credits

Financing with Bankers Acceptances

A Word of Warning About Letters of Credit


Chapter 4 Other Techniques


Documents on Payment

Documents on Acceptance



Export Leasing

Buyer Credits

Supplier Credits

Export Joint Venturing



Chapter 5 Trade Commissioner Service

Trade Commissioner Service (TCS)

Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) Initiative

Business Women in International Trade (BWIT)

Business Opportunities: Development and Humanitarian Aid Markets

Global Opportunities for Associations (GOA)

Trade Offices

CanExport Program


Chapter 6 Insurance: Make Sure You Get Paid

Export Insurance

Credit Insurance

Contract Insurance

Political Risk Insurance

Insurance Against Fluctuations in Foreign Exchange


Chapter 7 Export Development Canada (EDC) & Supporting Organizations

Export Development Canada (EDC)

Financing for Canadian Companies

Financing for Foreign Buyers

Foreign Investment Financing

Bonding and Guarantees


Further Information

EDC Regional Offices

Northstar Trade Finance Inc.

Accord Financial Corp.


Camsa Inc.


National Bank of Canada: Global Trade Solutions

Desjardins: Import and Export

BNP Paribas SA


Chapter 8 Business Development Bank of Canada and Associated Programs

Background on BDC

Support for Women Entrepreneurs

Small Business Loan

Working Capital Loans

Xpansion Loans

Equipment Financing

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Technology Financing

Financing the Sale of a Business

Aboriginal Business Development Fund (ABDF)

Growth Capital for Aboriginal Business (GCAB)

Pros and Cons of BDC Debt Financing

Growth and Transition Financing

BDC Venture Capital

IT Venture Fund II

GO Capital L.P.

BDC Consulting Group

Further Information

Futurpreneur Canada

Start-Up Program

Spin Master Innovation Fund


Business Resources


Chapter 9 Global Affairs Canada

International Youth Internship Program (IYIP)

Capitalizing on International Business Development for Clean Technology


Chapter 10 Other Export Assistance

Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA): Duty Deferral and Relief

Customs Self-Assessment Program (CSA)

Free and Secure Trade Program (FAST)


Livres Books Canada

Quebecor Fund

Canada Business Network

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada

Aboriginal Business and Entrepreneurship Development (ABED)

Cooperation Agreement Between Canada and the European Space Agency (ESA)


Chapter 11 Assistance in Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)

Business Development Program (BDP)

Women in Business Initiative (WBI)

Community Business Development Corporations (CBDCs)

List of Community Business Development Corporations

Further Information on ACOA

Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF)

GrowthWorks Atlantic Venture Fund

Ulnooweg Development Group Inc. (UDG)

Newfoundland & Labrador: Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation (TCII)

Newfoundland & Labrador: Department of Finance

Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Technical Industries (NATI)

Canada Business - Newfoundland and Labrador Service Centre

Innovation PEI

Prince Edward Island Service Centre

Nova Scotia Budget 2017-2018

Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI)

Halifax Partnership

Nova Scotia Communities Culture and Heritage

Music Nova Scotia

Canada Business - Nova Scotia Reference Library

University of New Brunswick International Business and Entrepreneurship Centre (IBEC)

New Brunswick Department of Agricultural, Aquaculture and Fisheries


Chapter 12 Assistance in Québec

Canada Economic Development (CED) for Québec Regions

Investissement Québec (IQ)

Québec International

Société d'Investissement Jeunesse (S.I.J.)

Info enterpreneurs


Chapter 13 Assistance in Ontario

FedDev Ontario: Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario


Ontario Chamber of Commerce Export Assistance

Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC)

Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)

The Yves Landry Foundation (YLF)


Centennial College - Centre of Entrepreneurship (COE)

Hamilton Technology Centre

Small Business Enterprise Centres (SBECs)

Ministry of Northern Development and Mines Business Consulting Services

Canada Business Ontario


Chapter 14 Assistance in Western Canada

Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs)

Manitoba Industrial Opportunities Program (MIOP)

Manitoba: Business Info Centre

Saskatchewan: Manufacturing and Processing Exporter Tax Incentive

Saskatchewan: Manufacturing and Processing Exporter Tax Incentive for Head Office Jobs

Saskatchewan Market Development Program

Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership Inc. (STEP)

Alberta: Business Link Business Service Centre

BC Budget 21 February 2017

BC Venture Capital Program

BC Wood

Small Business BC (SBBC)


Chapter 15 Assistance in the Territories

Yukon Enterprise Trade Fund (ETF)

Yukon Venture Loan Guarantee Program

Yukon: Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund (TCMF)

Canada Yukon Business Service Centre

Canada Business NWT (CBNWT)

Nunavut: Department of Economic Development & Transportation: Small Business Support Program

Nunavut: Department of Environment

Canada Business Network: Nunavut Service Centre


Chapter 16 Sources of Marketing Information for Exporters

Traditional Sources

Public Libraries

The Importance of Statistical Marketing Information

Statistics Canada (StatsCan)

U.S. Census Bureau

UK Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Eurostat Yearbook 2016

Ipsos Canada


Chapter 17 Where to Learn More About Export Financing

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME)

Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)


Chapter 18 Planning and Financing From the Public & Private Sectors

Self-Financing and Preparations

You Have to Prepare Yourself

Ways to Raise Venture Capital

Ways to Raise Debt Financing for Your Business

Ways to Finance Your Business By Giving Up Some of Your Ownership

Government Financing

Further Information









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